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Announcing Dr. Shelton's Retirement

The Edmonds Women’s Clinic is closed as of March 31st 2013, after 35 years of service, with the retirement of its founder Dr. Roger Shelton. Dr. Michael Lau will continue practicing independent of Edmonds Women's Clinic, but in the same location and with the same phone numbers.

We are indeed grateful to have had the privilege of providing healthcare services to you. Most of all, we have enjoyed our association with our patients over the years.

Dr. Shelton’s patients will need to transition to another gynecologist in the area for their continued care. You can request the transfer of your medical records by contacting Dr. Shelton by email at Please click the link to the Patient Info page to download a medical records release form to email to Dr. Shelton to initiate the transfer of your records.

Contact Dr. Michael Lau

For Dr. Lau’s patients, please follow the link to Dr. Lau's website regarding Dr. Lau’s ongoing gynecology practice.